Critical Infrastructure

We specialize in the following:

  • Medical Cannabis Facility
  • Cannabis Growing Facilities
  • Medical Cannabis Dispensaries
  • Transportation Vehicle Security
  • Power Plants and Facilities
  • Renewable Power Industries (Solar and Wind)
  • Department of Defense (Army, Navy, Coast guard and Air force)
  • US Secret Service
  • State, County and City
  • Cell Sites and Towers
  • New Construction Sites
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Hospitality Industry (Hotels, Resorts, Private Rentals)
  • Condominium Communities
  • Timeshare Vacation Rental Industry
  • Shopping Centers
  • Private Estates and Gated Communities
  • Solar and wind farms
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Military facilities
  • Department of Defense
  • Critical Infrastructures (Power plants, Solar farms, Fuel storage
    facilities, Data centers)